Party Room

Special Events

Our Party Room is great for gatherings such as:

*Wedding Rehearsals


*Wedding Anniversaries

*Retirement Parties

*Corporate Dinners

*Holiday Parties

*Graduation Celebrations

*Much, Much More

Some Requirements are:

*$50 Room Charge

*Minimum of 30 People

*Buffet Pricing

Options for Buffets are:

*Onion Ring, Pizza and Pop

*Onion Ring, Pizza, Salad & Pop

*Cavatelli or Lasagna, Onion Rings, Pizza, Pop

*Cavatelli or Lasagna, Salad, Pop

*Cavatelli or Lasagna, Pizza, Salad, Onions & Pop

Looking for something else, check out our CATERING menu. 

Call today to check for pricing and reserve your date.